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Some Think Of PC Health Advisor As A Malware/Spyware Cleaner, But It's More Than A That - PC Health Advisor Does It All!

PC Health Advisor

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Top Recommendation For 2011!...PC
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Is your computer slowing down and/or Crashing!?!  Are You Afraid Your Computer Might Have Viruses Or Be Infected With Spyware or Malware?!!  Is Your Bank Account Information and Credit Card Information Being Stolen Without Your Knowing About It?!!   

We've RatedPC Health Advisor Ahead of the Rest.  Not Only Will This Great Software Protect You From Spyware, It Will Do This But It Will Keep You Free of Registry Corruption as well! On Top of That, It Will Also Update Your Drivers.

3 Great Tools in One!

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For Use
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User Friendly Interface?
Definitions Always
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Cleans Spyware & Registry & Updates Drivers ?
Yes Very Yes, Very
None Yes!

Brand X

Not Bad
A Little

Brand Y


Not Really

Very Over-

Not Bad


Not Bad

* Note: PC Health Advisor is Actually a Registry Cleaner That Also Cleans Spyware/Adware and Updates Drivers as well. It Does a Great Job Doing All These Things!

Get a Free Scan from one of  the top spyware cleaners listed above and find out if you security and privacy are being compromised!

We have recommended PC Health Advisor number 1 because of the great success we have has using it for a long while, the superior performance it showed in our testing and the incredible company support behind it!

A+ Certified Computer TechNet+ Licence

Comp TIA Certified Computer Technician Ed Lathrop

Hello: I am Ed Lathrop.  I am a Comp TIA certified computer technician and I've done a lot of Scanning for Spyware throughout the last several years.  It used to be Spyware was a mere inconvenience.  It would put a lot cookies on your computer and slow it down.  However, in today's world spyware, adware, Trojans and all the other types of malware are much more dangerous than that.  

They can steal sensitive information about you, including your banking information, social security number and passwords.  In short, these malicious parasites can ruin your life!The Real Culprit; Malware!Today's Spyware is a very serious matter.  

Actually, the name for these parasites that invade our computers is Malware.  That word is a contraction of malicious and software.  Spyware is one of the types of Malware.  This stuff can steal our identities and all our bank account information, credit card information and even our Social Security numbers!  All this is in addition to slowing our computers down to an absolute halt!

Needless To Say, We Want Nothing But the Best Antispyware Program To Protect Our Identities and Financial Information, and of course, We Want an AntiSpyware Program That Will Rid Our PC's of All The Many Types Of Destructive Malware!Because of this I have constructed the in-depth chart below.  This chart reveals the best 6 Antispyware programs I have worked with recently.  The chart shows how I have ranked these antispyware/antimalware programs and why.

There are hundreds of antispyware programs available today.  There are also many antispyware review Websites showing which one the Website builder thinks works best.  However, there is a problem that is often overlooked!  

The newer operating systems, namely Windows 7 and Vista make the job a Spyware Cleaner has to do a much more difficult and complicated one.  Many of the older antispyware programs are just not up to it.  There are spyware, adware and malware cleaners that work great with Windows XP, but don't work with Windows 7 or Vista.  Therefore, you need to have the most powerfulo and up to date malware/spyware cleaner. PC Healthy Adsvisor is the most up to date and poerful malware/spyware cleaner there is!

We are completely sold on PC Health Advisor! It has been one of our top rated Registry cleaner since it has come about 2 years ago.  The company behind the excellent product is also the developer of Xoftspy so, they have proven themselves to us many times over! PC Health Advisor is the Antispyware/AntiVirus/Antimalware Program to have but remember, it is also our top rated registry cleaner to boot!Beware! Many Good Antispyware Programs Are Not Yet Ready For Windows 7. This is another reason to choose PC Health Advisor! It is Certified for Windows 7 as well as XP, 2000 and Vista both 32 and 64 bit!

No Spyware - Still Poor Permance? In the past, if a spyware scan turned up no problems, we would recommend a registry scan. So, we would send you over to Our Registry Repair Compare Website at . There, you can get a free registry scan with the top Registry Cleaner of your choice! However, now all you have to do is get a free scan with PC Health Advisor and it will find any problem you may be having!!

This great Product will Clean Your Windows Registry and Update Your Drivers As Well as Clean Spyware and Malware!

The bottom line is, we really can't see our top recommendation being a spyware remover that just removes spyware. Yes, even if this spyware remover was a registry cleaner and a driver updater but it happened to be an inferior spyware cleaner we certainly would not rank it number one. In other words, we rank this spyware cleaner on top because we feel it is the top spyware cleaner. It's as simple as that.

We also happen to feel it is by far and away the best registry cleaner available! Therefore, why would you want just a spyware cleaner when you can get the best spyware cleaner and the best registry cleaner in one package?

PC Health Advisor is also a driver updater. We believe it is close to the best driver updater available. We know of another driver updater which has a bigger database of drivers. So, maybe PC Health Advisor is not the best driver updater available. Still however, it is very close to the best and probably you'll never have any reason to have the best driver updater. Therefore, we rank this software package as the best available hands-down. It is the number one registry cleaner and the number one spyware cleaner and a great driver updater.

Now, for the best part: PC Health Advisor costs no more than your regular run-of-the-mill spyware cleaner or your regular run-of-the-mill registry cleaner and it costs less than any other driver updater we have seen. This makes PC Health Advisor not only a bargain but an absolute steal.

So, why not get a free scan today and find out for yourself. All you have to do to get this free scan is click here.

In closing, this may sound corny but thank you for visiting my Website.  As a technician, I always want what is best for my customers and have made my recommendation accordingly.  I know my advice will be helpful to you because of the high quality of PC Health Advisor.  The best of luck to you.

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